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Our Recommendations

We only recommend the products that we love and use here in our home! We're happy to chat with you about any of our recommendations if you have questions!

Before purchasing your crate, please reach out to us to see what the recommend size should be for your new puppy and their projected growth.

Our puppies are fed NutriSource Small and Medium Breed Puppy dog food. Your puppy will go home with a sample size bag to get you started! If you decide to switch your dogs food, it's recommended that they go through a transition period of 7-10 days between the two foods. Please refer to the bags for detailed instructions.

Our dogs go crazy for Pet Botanics! These are great training treats as they're small and easy to break. Plus, the smell is super enticing for your young pup! The yummy treat motivation is key as they learn.

We cannot stress enough the helpfulness of the Snuggle Puppy! This stuffed dog with the heartbeat and warming option will help calm and ease your puppy as they adjust to their new surroundings. The heartbeat stimulates their littermates and helps them adjust to life without them. 

The BioSilk and Lillian Ruff products are both favorites around here! When it comes to bath time, we like products that both clean well and smell good. These certainly do the trick! 

The Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is great for removing dirt, debris, and dead hair.

Before cleaning your dogs ears, we highly recommend discussing this with your vet first. This is not something every dog will need on a regular basis. They will give you a good schedule and also teach you the proper way to clean out your pups ears.

The two brands we love most are NuVet Ear Cleaner and EpiOtic Advanced.

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